Community Advisory Board

As a MWCCS study participant, you are eligible to participate in the CAB.


The MWCCS National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) includes representative MWCCS study participants from all MWCCS sites. The purpose and mission of the NCAB is to provide the MWCCS community with relevant scientific, psychosocial and policy information regarding HIV-related topics to the national MWCCS agenda. NCAB members are involved in all levels of the MWCCS study, including participation on working group calls, attendance at in-person meetings with scientific investigators, and guidance on the validity and practicality of research studies. New study concepts, manuscripts, and protocol changes are reviewed by the NCAB members prior to implementation in the study. The NCAB develops strategies intended to encourage active participation in study visits and solicits feedback from participants about their research visits and healthcare priorities. NCAB members are true representatives of the MWCCS community.


NCAB Mission Statement

  • Provide feedback to the MWCCS Executive Committee regarding strengths and weaknesses of study visit operations and procedures.
  • Identify pertinent issues of research not currently addressed by the MWCCS scientific agenda.
  • Provide feedback about MWCCS research activities during the approval process.
  • Communicate scientific results to MWCCS participants.
  • Support local Community Advisory Boards.


Chicago-Cook County CAB

Participants of the Chicago-Cook County MWCCS site will be asked to represent the women who are affected by HIV and those who are at risk for HIV. The Chicago-Cook County MWCCS NCAB will meet regularly to discuss health-related and study-related topics, while enjoying each other’s fellowship. Two elected Chicago-Cook County MWCCS NCAB members will be asked to participate as site representatives at national MWCCS functions. As we go forward to advancing HIV research, we seek to provide a voice to women of the MWCCS.


    Join the Community Advisory Board

    Interested in being part of the Chicago-Cook County MWCCS NCAB? Please contact Crystal Winston at [email protected].